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Summary is a fantastic VPN provider, with very good performance and server coverage, providing good security and privacy protection at an affordable price.

Based in the Seychelles, a very privacy-friendly location, is a good option for those wanting a popular, privacy-oriented no-log provider.

Pros and Cons




The main features of's VPN service are:

These features make a good choice for the privacy conscious: they don't store any logs of your activity, accept anonymous payment via bitcoin and paysafecard, and they have good speeds and do not cap or limit your bandwidth. Since they allow 3 simultaneous connections, you could connect to the VPN with your PC, laptop, and Android or iOS mobile device, giving you full coverage and protection.

Security and Privacy

Encryption implement very strong encryption, so connecting via OpenVPN-TCP you can enjoy AES-256 encryption for the cipher, SHA512 for the hash algorithm, and RSA-4096 for for handshake. Plus, their 4096-bit RSA key changes hourly, helping to combat any hacking attempts they might face in the future. You can read more about the encryption employs in their KnowledgeBase article.

Privacy is based in the Seychelles, which is a very privacy-friendly country, outside the reach of the Five Eyes.

Additionally, do not store any logs — they have a 100% no-log policy, never logging any data at all and running everything iN RAM, to prevent data being compromised in the event of a government seizure of their servers.

For the truly paranoid, you are able to pay with bitcoin or paysafecard, two options not many other VPN providers can say they offer.

In summary, are a very good option for those concerned with their privacy, security and anonymity.


As far as price goes, they are a very affordable provider, with plans costing $5, $10 and $20 if you pay monthly, or as little as $3.33, $7.50 and $16.66 if you pay for a year.

Their most popular plan — giving access to servers in 57 countries — is their $7.50 "Solid" plan. This makes them one of the cheapest VPN providers on the market with their level of privacy protection.

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