Which VPNs accept paysafecard?

Please note: Paysafecard are no longer processing payments for VPN subscriptions. However, despite some hurdles there are still ways to pay via Paysafecard — some VPN providers for example allow you to purchase MINT prepaid cards using Paysafecard which can then be used as payment. As of 2023, PureVPN still state their acceptance of Paysafecard. However, you may need to contact their support to verify this.

What is paysafecard?

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Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method you can use without needing to supply bank account or card details. You can purchase paysafecard at local retail outlets, and then use it to make purchases online. Since you can purchase them with cash without handing over personal details, paysafecard is a safe, anonymous, convenient way of making purchases — ideal for purchasing a VPN subscription.

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Which VPN providers accept paysafecard as payment?

The following VPN providers state they accept paysafecard. This list is regularly updated, as providers often change the payment options they accept. For a more complete list of VPN providers, including other major payment options accepted, see our Compare VPN Providers page.

NOTE: The price/month is the cost of purchasing 1 month on a one-off basis. The price/year is the total price of a full year. Most providers give discounts if you purchase a full year up-front: divide the yearly price by 12 to find how much you would save.

VPNs Accepting Paysafecard. Last updated: June 2024.
VPN Provider Cost/month Cost/year paysafecard?
PureVPN logo $11.95 $45
TorGuard logo $10 $60
PerfectPrivacy logo $15 $138